1628: Failed to complete installation SAP Business One

Yesterday I tried to install SAP Bussiness  one onto some computer’s office which using Windows 7 Professional but found this error 1628: Failed to complete installation.


I’ve search on several webpages but no one can give solutions. Asking to uncle Google also doesn’t yield anything. So I decided to ask somebody who develop this application (vendor). They tell me that the problem related to security issue which is block some process when installation occur.

Here is the solution: Disable the User Account Control (UAC)

You could disable this feature by using Control Panel then go to Systems and Security, choose Action Center. Klik on Change User Account Control settings and select Never notify then restart your computer.



After the computer restarted you could start install SAP B1 again and Voila! now everything is work like a charm. Finish your installation and don’t forget to turn back the UAC to default setting,

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