How to Fix Four Triangle Mark Exclamation Error on HTC Desire

2014-09-19 20.02.26

For a recent days i have been trying to fix  my phone caused by wrong partition size when flash out officially ROM upgrade to Gingerbread (RUU–ROM Update Utility). Firstly, i don’t really know what happen with my phone because it is first time i saw an error like that. By following some articles i found on the internet i try to reflash with another custom ROM but got same result, four exclamation marks with HTC symbol on the center of the black screen is still exist 🙁

Then i try again reflash with current ROM and get this error screen.

2014-09-20 23.05.20Please zoom to see details.

On the number [8] System occurred fail PU = means Partition Update is fail. Actually i think it is root of the problem so that OS can’t be installed. Recently i realize that was before doing this action i was used CyanogenMod ROM which is resize my partition system. I open to see the system partition that meet to install official ROM Gingerbread, which is 250MB. Yeah, that make sense if my current system partition is use CyanogenMod, which is 145MB, since forever i will ever couldn’t install that OS :))

So i download the image file first (bravo_alphaspl.img) on the and then Android Flasher here. Here is the following step;

  1. Install HTC Sync
  2. Make sure the phone is turned on and connected to the PC
  3. Run  Android Flasher
  4. Choose HTC Desire Phone
  5. Make sure you select Recovery option then browse to the image file above
  6. Wait a minute until flashing process is successfully completed
  7. Re-run your upgrading again using RUU





Voila! now your phone is already installed with official ROM Gingerbred from HTC.

2014-09-22 15.45.18

Please let me know if you have any trouble regarding to the flash process as i explained above.




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