The Transaction Log for Database vCenter is Full due to LOG_BACKUP

On first day in 2018, when somebody still celebrating the euphoria, i got surprised from my team saying our backup process has failed due to could not connect to vCenter. I asked them whether they had an activitiy during last WE. They said nothing, then i open my laptop and login into the problematic vCenter. First thing first, i have to check from service perspective and i found that vCenter service showing “starting” but unfortunately seen not working at all.

Moving to the event viewer, since we are using Windows Server vCenter based, it might easier to have checked the every single log. Voila! after read through on each row until the time this issue being reported, i finally found the associate error as depicted on following.

vCenter DB log full

As you can see there was log backup which caused vCenter could not boot up and backup all the VMs we have. We are using Tivoli Storage Manager from IBM to backup all the VMs and needs to connect to vCenter in order to backup.

Next action is to check the storage on which vCenter installed whether has sufficient space or not. Yes, that’s it. it has space depletion (Sorry i missed collect the picture) and we must to delete the log. But as we are still in the month end period and to minimize the risk, we decided to increase the storage in respects to vCenter’s log reside.

Post the increase activity once we restarted the service, it has been resumed to normal. No more issue reported till day.

Hope this article helpful.

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