Adding MSSQLSERVER Permission and Owner Rights to SQL File

Last time i got

Last time i got a task to move some SQL data from one partition to another. Due to some timeline constraint i decided to move them just using copy via windows explorer.

But, i just realize that the permission did not follow as well as the transferred file thus impacted with application not started properly. After did quick analysis i found one permission is not there where it supposed to be.

So, I’ve put it back to the original location and suddenly application can start running.

This is only application if your SQL has only single instance and permission. You may found respective permission required for each of the instance. Again, it is based on the application design you have.

All you need to do just put it this permission across:


You may also need to put another permission as i said above, if you have multiple instance.

NT SERVICE\MSSQL$InstanceName for a named instance

Once one, just let the application re-test and confirm.


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