Database Migration From PasswordSafe to KeePass

For the last 5 years, I’ve been using password management application to make my life easier, especially for remembering so many passwords, like social media, banking, utilities, etc. With this kind of application i only need to remember one password, usually called as “master password” and the rest should be OK.

At that time, Password-safe was my choice. It has enough feature to allow you save multi password and integrating with cloud application for synchronization process across the several devices. But unfortunately it only available with desktop and Android version, not for iPhone šŸ™ that’s why i had decide to migrate into another similar application. This was because my wife’s phone is iPhone (just tried to make her happy).

Basically i only need kind of application that has same function with cloud integration and also support for IOS phone. At the end i found Keepass to fulfill my requirement. GUI is very friendly and easy as well as former application but the prons is KeepassĀ  available on IOS version.

So, then i would like migrate DB from PasswordSafe into Keepas. Steps very straightforward as follow;

  1. Open PasswordSafe application, select File > Export to.. > XML formatdb migrate from passwdsafe into keepass1
  2. Fill the password and select destination folder. Once done you can click Export XML.db migrate from passwdsafe into keepass2
  3. You will see export result as below figure
  4. db migrate from passwdsafe into keepass3
  5. Then we can open Keepass and try to import such XML
  6. First of all, we need to create new DB
  7. db migrate from passwdsafe into keepass4
  8. Choose file > import > select PasswordSafe XML
  9. multiple desktop1 db migrate from passwdsafe into keepass6
  10. Select backup file exported before and click OK.
  11. Voila! Your password has been restored to Keepass.
  12. db migrate from passwdsafe into keepass7

Please make sure all entries are similar as well source data before. You can check one by one in every single folder.

Stay tuned. There’s always more coming!

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