Easiest Way to Activate Your Windows

My customer had an issue regarding how to activated their operating system which using Windows product, Windows Server 2016. They have been used this system since long back without any issue with no valid license until they got pursued by local TAM here in recent months ago.

They came to me with simple requirement, how to activate their system without interrupted production services e.g. reboot or even shutdown. I said, “Yes, i can. As long you have internet access and valid serial number”. It’s such a piece of cake task.

By this time being, Microsoft has their own simple tool in order to activate your license. In addition it helps you to activate both using local KMS (if you have your dedicated KMS server and also directly activate thru internet). It called, SLMGR.

With only couple of commands i finally activated the system as seen on below screenshot.

First of all, let see whether this system has valid license by typing;

slmgr /dli or slmgr /dlv

Capture above explain that the server has no valid license and under “notification” mode. Having said this means there are a notification seen on the desktop saying this system must be activated.

Same goes with following screen capture.

Once you have the license in place, just type below command to put/replace existing license.


You will see successful notification and may proceed with activation. Ensure there is internet connectivity on which the server needs to activated. See command below for activating your license.

slmgr /ato

And you get the successfully notification and you finally get the advantage and eligible for any kind of updates/features from Microsoft.

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