Enable CUDA Feature for Better Encoding Nvidia GPU

Since NVIDIA decide to remove CUDA from version 340.52 and later, that makes all applications focused on encoding audio & video will not use this GPU feature anymore. Indeed CUDA really useful when we do a lot conversion or encoding video. This feature allow you to cut down more conversion time better than traditional does. Xilisoft claim this make 5x times faster when encoding. Yes, that such a technology we need when we have more and more extra ordinary task in todays life. Imagine that when we have fifty DVD movies need to convert into another format, how much time we need? even if one movie need approximately 60 minutes, we need ONLY 3000 minutes!! which is equal 50 hours.

This task should drive me crazy.

But compare if we still have CUDA, we only use a half or more than traditional conversion does. Maybe just only +-20 hours without losing extra quality movie 🙂 So, how to RE-ACTIVATED this feature even we still doing update driver through NVIDIA? here is the trick.

I’ll use Xilisoft DVD Ripper application for trial. You can download hereFYI, I’m not having affiliate with Xilisoft.

Open the application then you’ll see that CUDA isn’t yet activated caused by newer NVIDIA driver (NVIDIA GPU acceleration unsupported).


First, i try to do ripping DVD movie which have source size ~4GB then convert into MP4 type H.264 code. This process running through traditional conversion, that mean without CUDA technology. Here is the result;


Conversion finished, total time elapsed 42 minutes.

Second, i try to enable CUDA then rip the same source DVD. How to enable CUDA since it not included on newer NVIDIA deriver? there is two ways;

  1. Install CUDA toolkit consist such as CUDA driver etc, you can download here, pleease choose the match as your Windows version
  2. Install the NVIDIA encoder DLL into your system manually, files can download here

I didn’t explained how to do the first one, but just only install it properly and you’ll see CUDA must running. The second way has more task to do. At the begin you should download DLL file called nvcuvenc.dll or could be extracted from former NVIDIA driver before version 340.

ConversionDetailDllPlease note that if you use Windows 64 bit version you should download 2 different nvcuvenc.dll files which is later put on c:\Windows\System32 and sysWOW64. Make sure make backup first before overwrite this DLL just make sure if later your system become unstable we can just rolling back the process. Don’t forget to register the DLL after copying process is completed. Please see picture below how to register it.


Open the application again and you should see the CUDA now already activated.


Please select enable CUDA and lets do the ripping process again.


Conversion finished, total time elapsed 24 minutes, that’s incredible! we save a half time process if using CUDA. Imagine that for this trial we just did for only one file. So, if there is more files to convert that would be more time we can save better than without CUDA.

Thanks CUDA! you make my rip process so quick and quicker.

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