How to Get List of Protected VM in SRM – Part 1

SRM is a great tool for your VMware environment for replication purpose from primary site to secondary site in case of disaster. It allows you to maintain the whole VM as it is without having specific setting respectively (presume you are adopting L2 extended VLAN within your DCs). But based on my experience, unfortunately it has also one downside where you cannot export the list of protected VM inside. Even we know this is pretty simple feature but i don’t know why their engineer did not think about this.

I had a discussion with one of their support engineer and the result was not satisfied. Why? because he also doesn’t know how to complete this task since there is none of feature can go beyond that limitation, except we can alter the data from SRM DB. Then, how does it work?

Consider you have installed SRM onto Windows Server 201X and successfully configured DB using MSSQL 201X either nested or separated against SRM itself. We can intercept and do simple query from SRM DB and get necessary data therefore by the end of time we will have as aforementioned in this subject: “Get list of protected VMs in SRM”

All you need to do just login into the DB server of SRM and login to it’s DB using specific account. Please bare in mind that this account must have privilege access to read the SRM DB instance, otherwise you might to stop reading up to now.

Once you logged in, open SQL management studio.

Go to Database and select vVMwareSRM instance, then New Query

Put following script and execute

Then you will get the list of the SRM protected VM on the below box.

You may select all the entries and copy it to another app for further review.

That’s all. Cheers!

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