How to Install Custom ROM on Lenovo S860

Recently after i had corrupt nvram and then fix it, now i want to try another challenge, install custom ROM. One of classic reason why i do this is because i feel bored with my current stock ROM :p

It’s been almost two years since i used youuu..

So, what would we need? first, we need Smart Phone Flash Tool (SP Flash Tool), then a custom recovery program called TWRP to install .zip contains ROM and of course custom ROM itself. I used latest MIUI taste v6 which is compatible with my HH, Lenovo S860. That’s it!

First thing to do is copy your custom ROM into SDcard then install usb driver in order to make your smartphone recognized by the computer. Ok, i assume all the things related to driver installation is well done.

Now it’s time to flash TWRP. Open SP flash tool, browse scatter-loading into your TWRP folder.

spflash lenovo twrp

Select only for recovery option in order to install TWRP custom recovery. Don’t forget to check option “DL all with checksum” to verify checksum after installation.

spflash lenovo twrp 1

If suddenly appear error warning just click Yes. Then you should see Download OK as a result.

spflash lenovo twrp 2

Now it’s time to get into TWRP recovery. On your smartphone, press volume up + volume down as well as power button to go to TWRP recovery.


Before we do install let’s make backup first. Just for safety in case later we have problem while installing our custom ROM.


Choose Backup then swipe the line below text “Swipe to Backup.”


Backup is in progress, please hold on..


Yeah, it’s completed. Now back to main menu to do factory reset.


Choose wipe > factory reset to clean up data, cache and dalvik partition. Swipe to start formatting process.


Factory reset process is completed. Back again into main menu then select install.


Let’s go install our new custom rom. Browse into your custom rom file then swipe to start installation process.


Please wait a minute while your installation is in progress.. #LetsTakeCoffe


Voila! the process is well done. Select reboot system to start our new OS experience!


And here are our new custom ROM, MIUI 6! I still can’t believe using it, man. Hehehe…


And now it’s time to explore into the deep MIUI experience. I hope this article may be your reference to install MIUI into your Lenovo S860 device.

Sayonara! 🙂

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