Multiple Desktop Windows 10

Hi Guys. This is my first post again since last time around six months ago. So many had happened starting from technical problem with my current hosting (unable to import old data), not have idle time at the midst of work time, and stuck with comfort zone, etc.

But this is a good start anyway, at least doesn’t losing my passion to write something fruitful.

OK, back to topic.

Windows 10 comes with newly many feature that you’ve never imagine before. Some kind of improvements make our work does easier. One of such features that i love is Multiple Desktop. Why? Because some time when we work with multi tasking condition it will produce so many windows and lead us into confusing. We need extra space i.e place to put additional windows without adding more complexity onto existing desktop.

Just type Windows + TAB simultaneously and you will see there are an option to create additional desktop.

multiple desktop1

Then choose how many the desktop should you use.

multiple desktop2

Voila, your additional desktop will be in place now with fresh condition. Just type in similar way just in case you would back to another desktop.



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