No Coredump Target Has Been Configured. Host core dumps cannot be saved.

Just now I’ve installed new ESX boxes but apparently there is one warning notice post implementation aforementioned the subject. Not taking a long time to open the ticket to VMware support and get the assistance right away. They told this is because of the improper configuration during the installation of ESX whereas I believe i did the proper right.

This issue affect minor which is just only logs cannot be save due to diagnostic partition was not selected. Nothing more critical.

In order to get rid this annoying warning, we can login to the problematic ESX with SSH then enter following command to get list of the log partition:

esxcli system coredump partition list

Then it will shown the current partition that is being used to dump the log.

None of the partition being set as active at this moment.

Therefore, in order to set a partition as an active, we need to put below command.

esxcli coredump partition set -p {partition name with suffix naa.xxxx:9}

It is now shown as active and you will not have such kind of warning message anymore.

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