Port Query UI – Simplified Your Port Testing

Basically we used to be have telnet/putty installed to either our laptop/desktop for port testing or known as port query. But, do you know that there is another simply application that can run multiple port scanning? instead use telnet or putty which limited only for single port query within one session.

It’s name Port Query UI.

From what i got from an article somewhere in the internet, saying this application has been brought by Microsoft very long time ago. Strangely, it still support until i write this post even using Windows Sever 2012 Edition!

It’s UI very simple as seen below. All you need to do is only put the target IP along with list of ports which you want to scan.


Figure above shows we’re gonna to do scan for WEB and HTTPS port which belong to port 80 & 443 with the target IP Then click Query.

Once done you will see the result upon below dialog box.


Seems WEB service on the target is NOT LISTENING, which may mean service not started / off. But, HTTPS is LISTENING which mean it’s opened. Apart both result, sometime you will have FILTERED status, that’s maybe some firewall in between is block the connection hence you have to contact your Network Support.

That’s wrap! Please find below link to download the application. See you on another fruitful post guys.

PortQryUI 2.0

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