Remote Desktop Connection Saved Credentials Did Not Working on Windows 7

By default, Windows 7 has not allow saved credentials used through RDP for security reason. Not like it’s former OS, Windows XP. This make me so difficult when maintain many servers production. Type credentials on each server should my finger run into PAIN. Surely that’s not good solution.


Your system administrator does not allow the use of saved credentials to logon to the remote computer
computername/ipadress because its identity is not fully verified. Please enter new credentials.
The logon attempt failed

So, I’ve searching on my favourite search engine, Google, and get brilliant solution. I will share it for you.

This steps must be executed on your own local machine.

  1. Open Group Policy Editor use gpedit.msc from CMD (Command Prompt)
  2. Go to Local Computer Policy –> Computer Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> System –> Credentials Delegation
  3. Double Click on “Allow Delegating Saved Credentials with NTLM-only Server Authentication”
  4. By default it will be “not configured”
  5. Select Enable the policy
  6. Click the “Show” button in the options window below and enter the value “TERMSRV/*”  (without quotes) into the list
  7. Click Apply button then close all windows

Do the same thing for the following policies:

  1. Allow Delegating Saved Credentials
  2. Allow Delegating Default Credentials with NTLM-only Server Authentication
  3. Allow Delegating Default Credentials

Open CMD and use “gpupdate /force” command to apply the policy directly then logoff/restart your machine.

Voila! it’s now work to connect RDP using saved credentials.

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