Remote Desktop Services Application Deployment – Part 2 – Deployment

Now we are going to deploy 3 instances in a row:

  1. RD Broker (1 server, host-name: RDBRK01)
  2. RD Web (1 server, RDWEB01)
  3. RD Session Host (2 servers, RDSH01, RDSH02)
  4. RD Licensing (1 server, put on existing DC server)

Basically, for testing or POC, we can choose quick deployment where to install all the things into one single box. But, it does not recommended for production environment since as such approach only rely on single server and whenever something goes wrong on the server that would lead into massive disruption.

So, in this scenario, let say we are running production environment and gonna publish two application hosted on different session host.

Consider following scenario:

  • Calculator & paint hosted on RDSH01
  • Word-pad hosted on RDSH02

First thing first: ensure the availability of each of the server, otherwise we cannot proceed further 😉

Second thing is to have those servers joined domain to existing domain environment, i won’t recommended to build with work-group as we will be facing many challenges and effort in order to manage everything. So, i assume those servers joined domain properly in matter.

Post that we can start to deploy the RDS system. Firstly please create related group so in the future we can easily manage each the server.

Click on manage, choose Create Server Group.

Put the group name and select all those servers and you are done.

Now, we can proceed to RDS role installation. We gonna start with RD Web & RD Web broker installation. In many cases, we can put these both server into single server (as always suggested by Microsoft as well), but if you decide to split these into separate box, it does not matter at all. As long they can communicated each other. But, in this step i decided to combine them into one box.

Just click next.

As i said earlier you can see there are 2 options provided on the wizard, majority we can use quick start method for rapid deployment or POC purposes, but not today. 🙂

Select first option button then next.

As of now we are going to build session-based desktop, first option is to have VDI environment.

Good explanation of each role showed on the wizard just for your reference.

Select on the server where you gonna to install RD Web Access, RD Broker & RD Session Host respectively.

In progress of installing each of the role. Be patience as the result it may vary depend on your server specification :p

Finally those servers were completely built for RDS eco-system.

Last thing before going to publish remote application, we may need to install and determine RD License server as the trial mode can only be used for about 90 days.

Just select the server and specify as RD license server.

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