Reset Cartridge Error E5 Printer Canon

Last week I’ve got printer error after changing my cartridge. It shown blinking indicator with code “E5”. Had suspected pin is dirty, then i tried to clean it up. Re-plug the cartridge but not helped so much, error still there. Almost feel desperate, suddenly got very useful article which bring me to escape this problem. See following tasks that have been done by myself.

Here you go:

  1. Unplug power cable from your printer (make sure no electricity connected)
  2. Press and hold power button while you can plug in power cable
  3. Press reset button twice and release power button, then immediately press reset button once again until you found “0” on the screen
  4. Press + button to change “0” into “1”
  5. Insert paper to tray then press power/start button hence printing will starting
  6. You will see printing result as follow;
  7. E5 Error
  8. Unplug power cable, since at this point you cannot turn off the printer use power button
  9. Re-plug all inserted cartridge along with power cable and turn on the printer
  10. Finally we’ve finished the tasks and you can use printer now

Hope this helps.


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