RVTools – Must Haveware for Your VMWare Platform

If you don’t have VROPS to gather and collect information regarding such following; total cpu, ram, even storage which allocated on every single VM then you can use 3rd party tool called, RVTools.

It allows you to get every detail of your VMWare platform and very helpful to inventory all of your VMs both within and multi cluster site. The most important thing this software belong to free of use. But you can consider to donate as well as a thank you or appreciation.

Just download to their official web then fill the necessary information before starting to download. Ensure your server has NET 4.0 installed prior to use this application since it has only supported.

Once download has been finished, copy to respective server and start to install. It’s quite simple just click next button until finish. Open the application and put either the IP address of your ESXi server or vCenter.

Just login and it will starting to collect all data which belong to your platform. Once completed it should showing the helpful information as seen on below figure.

Most of the time I’ve used this to get the information for:

  1. Which VM has active snapshot
  2. VM has not installed vmware-tools
  3. VM has zombie vmdk
  4. Total of cpu/ram/storage

Apart than above task there are many features provided by this software. However i don’t even have much time to gone all through 🙂

If you feel difficult to download the software please reach here instead.


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