System Separator in Excel 2007

Recently, I had problem in Excel 2007. The problem was related about System Separator and pasting number. When user try to paste number format from the page in browser, the result show like picture below:

Source: Number format in page at browser


Destination: Excel 2007


Actually there is no error show, but if you want to summarize or calculate the cells it’s gonna show error because it can’t be calculated. Why? Because the type of cells isn’t number, but text.

So, how to paste numbering format directly into similar format—nothing change at Excel, especially Excel 2007. The Answer is using System Separator—Decimal separator & Thousand separator.

All you have to do is go to the Excel Options then choose Advance. At the tab System Separator, switch the value of Decimal separator & Thousand separator.


If you configure correctly, the result gonna show like this.


Finally you can calculated the cells.

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