Unifi AP Adoption Failed / IP Not Reachable

Apparently feel weird. I’ve been trying to find out why my newly purchased AP’s got an error after factory reset. It did not connect properly over network with DHCP enable and stuck on “Offer” status in log of my MikroTik box.

It seen stuck on as explained in this forum: https://community.ui.com/questions/new-Unifi-AP-stuck-on-192-168-1-20-dhcp/79056449-8da7-4b34-8f99-7096c9f6a941

What I’ve done so far:

  1. Reset to factory default using this method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dz-b9IB77BM
  2. Change LAN cable
  3. Change POE adapter
  4. Directly connect from laptop to AP

I am suspecting maybe the physical port is broken hence I’d bring it to RMA. Nevertheless curious to solve, I tried last attempt to reset it multiple times until it got blinking green and orange (similar condition during FW upgrade).

So, the magic happened. It went into “bound” status and got the DHCP IP. Then i connected thru putty to clear the config. Use “ubnt” as the username as well as the password and use below command to clear the default config.

Once done then now it seen as pending for adoption.

We can start with upgrade the FW first.

Once upgrade completed then we can provision the AP.

Voila! Now your AP is ready to use.

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