VM on Protected Site Showing “Managed by Site Recovery Manager”

For some other reason you might found any kind of error above if you are using SRM (Site Recovery Manager) feature on your VMware environment, especially on version < 6.0.0 U3. It’s a bug actually and the permanent fixing is only to patch the vCenter using the latest one. For particular cases, it might impacted for backup process as well for certain 3rd party backup tools.

As you can seen on figure below, I have a VM reside on protected site and showing “flower mark” which indicated protected by Managed SRM. Eventough this does not affected the VM itself but we have to resolved it since this very unusual.

But, don’t worry. You don’t have to upgrade it just in case for interim solution, but you can used following trick to resolve the problem.

Download the script provided by VMware here. ManagedBy

Put on your local folder then open the PowerCLI. You may to install it prior continue this  activity. Locate the script then follow steps below:

  1. Connect to vCenter, provide your admin credential
  2. Type command “$hmsVms = .\ManagedBy.ps1 -Cmd getVms -extKey “com.vmware.vcDr””
  3. Type “$hmsVms” it produces all VMs which have error should showing
  4. Type “.\ManagedBy.ps1 -Cmd Clear -VMs $hmsVms” to remove the “flower mark”
  5. Check the result by typing again “$hmsVms”

Steps above in figure.

connect to vcenter

Get the problematic VMs

Cleaning in progress

Voila! That’s it!

Hope this helps.

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