How to Upgrade SmarterMail

By Rachmadona Sebayang

It is an easy way to upgrade the version of your SmarterMail platform. Here are the steps: Download the latest source on Run the installer as Administrator Click Agree on the form & ensure the version/build you are going to install 4. Choose the activation method as per existing setup 5. Use an existing…

Renew Certificate 3CX for Windows

By Rachmadona Sebayang

Ensure you’ve purchased the SSL from external party and got the CRT file. Once you got CRT file, change the name into for the cert and private key and put under following folder: “C:\Program Files\3CX Phone System\Bin\nginx\conf\instance1” once done, then all you need to do just restart the nginx service that’s all

How to Generate Cert for Smartermail

By Rachmadona Sebayang

In order to have secure communication among client and mail server, it is a best practice to use HTTPS protocol which is mainly used. Having said that we require to install the certificate, also known as SSL into the mail server. There are so many SSL vendors available over the internet. You can choose which…

Patch ESXI over SSH

By rsebayang

There are two ways in conjunction to patch the ESXI. First one leveraging VMware Update Manager which is best option to choose if you have bunch ESXIs in multiple cluster. You could take advantages to centralize the stage of patch including for remediation process. Second one is over SSH but you have to do it…

Windows Recovery Mode Doesn’t Recognize System Partition

By Rachmadona Sebayang

If you are running with VMware environment and patch your Windows Server regulary, sometimes when you got an issue and requires your to rollback the last patch. How you are gonna do to resolve the case? Yes, that’s right! You will need to boot into recovery mode either by in-built feature which available on Windows…

IP Phone Provisioning: Update Skipped 3CX (via STUN)

By Rachmadona Sebayang

If you are trying to use your own commercial certificate and provision your IP phone, please bear in mind some of the certificates will not be trusted by default (I don’t know the exact reason, likely the cert coming from not famous company like Symantec, Thawte or even DigiCert) but what i am going to…

Unable to Consolidate VM: File is Locked

By Rachmadona Sebayang

Recently i had weird case during the consolidation of one my production VM, several users reported slowness while they are working and then after had gone thru i found it had snapshot persist. Not sure why it was not deleted as supposed post the backup activity completed. So, i raised a ticket to VMware support…

Duplicate IP Address Windows Server 2016

By Rachmadona Sebayang

Sometimes you found your IP belong to overthought you’ve configure the correct IP for particular interface and you are wondering why it does become like that. Subsequently your network team said there is none of problem at all from network perspective. So, simple thing comes with simple solution. When you found that you unable…

How to Get List of Protected VM in SRM – Part 2

By Rachmadona Sebayang

In previous post we discussed how to export the list of protected VM on SRM. Now, we are going to have further detail report to get the list of such against protection group detail. Post you get the VM name detail along with it’s vmid (see previous post), this time you have to run…

Add/Remove Group Bulk Users in Active Directory Using PowerShell

By Rachmadona Sebayang

Continuing my previous post regarding with provisioning bulk users in AD using PowerShell, in this article i’ll explain how to assign/remove group for such particular OU. Again, please bear in mind that you have to install PowerShell in order to run this custom script. If you don’t know how to get the OU detail…