In sometime conditions, you’ve configured custom firmware to your AP for certain purposes. Either use DD-WRT or OpenWRT which has some outstanding features and unleash the hidden functions of your device. But, lately after done with such things, for some other reasons you may want to configure back with it’s original firmware. Several devices could simple method to do so, whereas a lot of products also have limitation even cannot revert back as it was, including TP-Link TL-WA7210N.

Had struggle couple days with many ways to bring it back with original firmware without any “brick” risk potential. I got such an article to summary.

Here you go;

  1. Download original firmware from official site of TP-Link here
  2. Open your web GUI either from DD-WRT/OpenWRT then point to restore page
  3. Put your downloaded file there. Result might not worked, isn’t? that’s because there is one line of script you have to remove prior restore process
  4. Row number 257 (sorry i forgot to capture which is consist inside), you should use any distro of Linux to make it easier to rectify
  5. Put your firmware, then execute following command; dd=if={your_original_firmware.bin} of={output_file_name.bin} skip=257 bs=512


Finally open your DD-WRT/OpenWRT console then try to re-flashing use newly firmware instead.


As shown on figure above restoring progress was completed and system rebooting. Post that you’ll see everything back to it’s original TP-Link system.