In order to have secure communication among client and mail server, it is a best practice to use HTTPS protocol which is mainly used. Having said that we require to install the certificate, also known as SSL into the mail server. There are so many SSL vendors available over the internet. You can choose which one fit with your budget, even with non-EV type of SSL to cover single CN that’s should be sufficient.

Assuming that you had already purchased the SSL and also downloaded to your local machine. So now is the time to do few things as the prerequisites prior it can be imported to the mail server. You can use either MMC in Windows or Open source software to do SSL conversion. But in this article will explain using the second option:

  1. Choose the P7B type of cert to be converted into CER
  2. Put CER, private key & CA bundle into single folder
  3. Use below command to convert the SSL into PFX format

“openssl pkcs12 -export -in yourSSL.cer -inkey yourprivatekey.key -out targetSSL.pfx -certfile yourCAcert.cer”

Once you have PFX SSL format in your hand, then go to SmarterMail dashboard and select setting icon. Click binding and click the port your want to secure. See below ports as the best practices:

In below example I’ve configured the cert for SMTP SSL

You have to point the path & password correctly, else it will lead into mismatch or insecure access upon mail transmission.

OK, hopefully this article helps you 🙂