There is an easy way to do IP reservation in Windows Server, if you would like to import massively. All you need to do just use below command under either command prompt or PowerShell. But, before that you have to prepare some informations:

  • DHCP server IP address
  • Scope network (subnet)
  • DHCP scope
  • MAC Address of device
  • FQDN of device

Ok, here we go for an example:

netsh dhcp server scope add reservedip 54bf64a296eb workstation1.dummy.intranet

Above command represent as DHCP IP address, is the DHCP scope, is the reserved IP for device, 54bf64a296eb is the MAC address of device and workstation1.dummy.intranet is the FQDN of device if you are using DNS service on your Activer Directory server.

Hope this helps.