Below links are used for my own learning. It may contains e-book, application, or even video tutorial that you might interested. Please bear in mind all rights and reserved belong to concerned parties. I totally don’t responsible for any misuse and illegal purposes.

VCE Player: It’s kind of application allows you to open VCE file. Mostly used for exam preparation. It is available on both Android and IOS version.

RVTools: Must haveware tools if you are using VMware as your virtual environment. It has outstanding features that makes your life easier to collect granular data in terms of VM name, CPU, RAM, Datastore, Network. Etc.,

Keepass: Tired to remember multiple password for tons of your website or social media? It’s time to use Keepass and let it manages your password in one single click.

Short-keys: Mostly useful for me to do copy paste thru VMware console. It has outstanding macro function as well so you do not need to type every single word in every-time.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager: Collect all of your RDP session into single application.

Lightshot: The fastest way to take a customizable screenshot

SecureCRT: Consolidate all your putty sessions into one window and forget about difficulty switch over each window

TreeSize: Seeing disk space limited? Time to find your unnecessary file and cleanup accordingly.

Wireshark: Most useful traffic monitoring analyzer in the world

WinSCP: Useful for file transferring for most of UNIX system.